Work in Progress


Simply, the wonder of nature, enlarged for the viewer to ponder. I want to capture the fleeting visits of the flowers I grow in my garden, which are all the more beautiful for their being so transitory. Their bee visitor reminds us of their vital role in attracting and feeding the pollinators in spite of their ephemerality. I'm translating the flower in ink, which reflects the composition of the flower; it can be both solid and bold like the seedhead or delicate and loose like the petal.




Meet Rachel

I studied towards a BA in Fine Art & Design at the Glasgow School of Art before moving on to work full time while studying for a Combined Studies degree at the Edinburgh College of Art.

Unsure of my next move, I decided to sail off to the sunny shores of Ios, Greece, where I found myself running an Aussie Takeaway and working the floor of a friend's restaurant. Fun times but hard work.


Back in the UK I ran a bakery and managed the floor of a restaurant on The Royal Mile in Edinburgh before ditching dinners for design in the luxury goods market, managing Emma Bridgewater, Steamer Trading Flagship and Paper Tiger stores in Edinburgh and Brighton, finally moving on to analyse and procure luxury goods at Liberty, London, for The Wedding Shop, while I au paired for a family in Chiswick.

Back in Aberdeenshire I'm busy bringing up a family of my own. I've worked in marketing for an oil company all the while taking commissions for paintings. I learnt how to design websites while helping the local pre-school group. Combining my marketing skills, my artist's eye and my newfound knowledge of SEO I began helping all sorts of local businesses shine online.

Alongside this I'm studying for a diploma in Diet and Nutrition, while regularly getting my hands dirty in the garden. I'm currently working towards an exhibition of oversized studies of the flowers that grow in our holiday cottage garden in Aberdeenshire, adding ink stains to the dirt : )  Below is a work in progress - Heleniums