Here are the steps we'll take to give your small business greater credibility, online presence and the services it may need to grow... 

 We'll discuss your business and how your website can improve it, through increasing its visibility in searches,  strengthening its brand or by utilising online services (like bookings, a blog, membership area etc.). We'll cover any concerns as we look through the back and front end of live websites, looking at the services or apps that your new website could make use of. 

We'll discuss a package that will suit your content, needs and budget, including how your website could grow in the future.

Contact me for a complimentary 30 minute 

Prices Start at £775

We'll work together to agree the content needed to succinctly convey your offering

We'll look at brands and designs you admire and create a wish list for your design. We'll look at ways to bring your branding into your website, through use of colour, shape and photography, or if you just have a logo, how we can extend this into a brand or overall style for your website (and business).


By presenting two or three designs based on ideas we've discussed, and your overall vision, I'll move towards creating the perfect layout and styling for you and your business, amending as I go based on your feedback.

I'll start to place the content in the layout and ensure that all information is easy to find  and that the site is easy to navigate. 


We'll decide on strong imagery and photography, which ties in with your brand or website style, as we go along.

We'll include plenty of 'calls to action' to encourage visitors to sign up, book or get in touch. 


During the build I'll keep you updated with progress and request feedback. Nothing will move forward until you are entirely happy with it.


Nearing the completion of the website I will start to guide you in editing areas of the site you’d like to control. Editing is very intuitive and easy to manage with a little guidance.

We'll look at ways to tie your social media in with your website before launching, giving your business an overall clean, consistent strong presence.

We'll ensure there is content within the website which can be used to launch the site via social media or email - an offer, interesting blog post or new work, for example. 

Any questions...

Please don't hesitate to ask me any question however seemingly small!


Danscentre uses their website to take bookings and enquiries for their popular dance school. They use their blog to keep existing dancers updated with news and events, whilst offering an insight into the school for potential students.

All this information on the website gives the school a greater chance of being found in Google searches.

Image by David Hofmann
Danscentre Homepage.png

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