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Work in Progress


Simply, the wonder of nature, enlarged or focussed on for the viewer to ponder. I want to capture the composition of nature using pastel, charcoal, paints and ink to realistically but expressively translate my view and the atmosphere, often so beautiful due to its fleetingness - a delicate flower or the light in winter. 

Whether the subject matter is fluid, dense, translucent, mottled, solid... the mediums’ own nature gives the work a life of its own when it is applied softly, energetically, loosely, automatically... in response to the subject matter. Using medium in this way I hope to give the viewer the feeling of being close to nature. 





Meet Rachel

I studied towards a BA in Fine Art & Design at the Glasgow School of Art before moving on to work full time while studying for a Combined Studies degree at the Edinburgh College of Art.

Unsure of my next move, I decided to sail off to the sunny shores of Ios, Greece, where I found myself running an Aussie takeaway and working the floor of a friend's restaurant - fun times but hard work.

Back in the UK I ran a bakery and managed the floor of a restaurant on The Royal Mile in Edinburgh before ditching dinners for design in the luxury goods market, managing Emma Bridgewater stores and procuring luxury goods at Liberty, London, for The Wedding Shop.

Now in Aberdeenshire, on a hill, I'm busy bringing up my family of budding actors and film makers. I've worked in marketing, website design and set up our cottage on the hill as a busy Airbnb.

I'm now drawing and painting the nature and wildlife I share the hill with in Aberdeenshire. Using pastel and paint to realistically but expressively translate my view - the mediums’ own nature giving the work a life of its own. If I'm not outside, I'll be working from studies in my cabin studio : )

Meet Rachel at Rockonthehill
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