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Tell your story, excite your viewers and expand your reach
with a designer WiX website


How it works


Your Power Hour is a one to one strategic session with the founder of ROCK Design, Rachel MacLean. Driven by your own website queries, and the vision for your website, the hour will focus on personalised advice and actions you can implement immediately.




Create impactful pages using clean design and professional photography to gain visitors interest


Use a sharp layout to reveal your expertise and quickly set your business apart from the competition


Use well placed, succinct speech that conveys your message quickly and effectively


Add well placed 'calls to action' to entice visitors to sign up, get in touch or buy


Create smooth navigation that easily leads the visitor through your business and its offering


Achieve higher google rankings through SEO - search engine optimisation - by adding details to photographs, pages and  imagery that will get you noticed in search engines

Reinforce your companies branding with consistent styling, fonts, colours and photography, which tie in with your logo or brand

Working with you to bring your dream website to life


Receive advice and discuss the ideas that will bring the  vision for your website to life

Discover the ways your website could serve your business and increase its online visibility

Explore SEO - search engine optimisation - and how it will work to get your website found in searches

Gain an insight into the marketing tools used to bring more visitors to your site


Create an interesting and good looking website  visitors will want to linger on, increasing your Google ranking

Strengthen your brand by exploring how it can be reinforced by your website 


Manage your own website, saving on agency fees - no coding needed

Quickly update your customers with news, offers, product launches and current portfolios

Manage classes, events, memberships... from one place 

Give your customers the full story of your business with all the information they need, in a beautiful, interesting and easily navigated website

Tie social media branding in with your website's to strengthen your overall brand

How it works

See the steps involved in creating your perfect website

Image by Aleksander Vlad

Website Power Hour
Quick and effective website help when you need it.
Your Power Hour is a one to one strategic session with the founder of ROCK Design, Rachel MacLean. Driven by your own website queries and your vision for your website, the hour focuses on personalised advice and actions you can implement immediately.



I'm Rachel

I'm experienced in both marketing and design, which allows me to create you a visually interesting website that works to promote your business.

Connect with me...


•  How to raise your profile online and illustrate your expertise

•  How to obtain your domain name, how website hosting works and how much it'll cost for your needs

•  The services your website could provide from blogs and membership areas to online stores and galleries; and how you can easily manage and edit these yourself with a WiX website

•  How WiX website marketing tools can be used to expand and target your audience via email and social media campaigns

•  We will discuss design and branding and how these may be incorporated into your website and used to create consistency across your social platforms, raising your profile

•  How to get found on Google using Search Engine Optimisation and blogging, increase your website traffic, grow your business and increase your sales

•  How website analytics can help to grow your audience


In advance of our session I will send you a questionnaire to ensure we maximise your time.

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